A modern idea called Autonomics envisions a traveling life where phones get to be distinctly changeless locations and self-driving autos hitch onto moving stages.

Lots of Americans in rural zones for all intents and purposes live in their autos as of now, investing hours in travel. In light of that, the group at San Francisco-based NewDealDesign proposed a cutting edge idea where life is lived in a hurry among different independent electric vehicles.

Their vision, called Autonomics, pictures another traveling life on wheels where phones get to be distinctly lasting locations, self-driving autos hitch onto configurable moving stages and one-wheeled bots give portable administrations.

“Autonomics is a vital knowledge into how self-sufficient items will impact not only our transportation, but rather future organizations, administrations and brands,” their online portrayal peruses. “In this structure, we see the biggest effect of self-sufficient vehicles in rural and provincial regions, where the dominant part of American’s every day action happens, not thick downtown areas.”

With the adage “goal you,” the idea incorporates one-wheeled LeechBots that zoom among vehicles out and about and dock briefly to convey items. Rooms on wheels named ZoomRooms would be configurable stages that demonstration like versatile shopping centers. Independent vehicles could connect to them and ride along. A transitory fly up group called DetourCity would seem arbitrarily, made up of ZoomRooms and LeechBots.

One plausibility is that we’ll have moving, creeping groups along the expressways, NewDealDesign organizer and key creator Gadi Amit told Fast Company. “Possibly you’ll drive around the farmland while getting the best administrations.”