Is human insight making a beeline for a cyborg-commanded future? Elon Musk thinks so.

In a late tweet, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO prodded that a brain computer system that connects human brains to a PC interface — a “neural trim” — might be declared early this year, revealed TechCrunch. Musk initially said the neural trim idea (the expansion of a computerized layer of knowledge to the human mind) at Recode’s Code Conference a year ago. The mind PC framework would make a”symbiosis with machines,” Musk stated, as indicated by TechCrunch.

“We’re now a cyborg — I mean, you have a computerized or halfway form of yourself as your messages and your web-based social networking and every one of the things that you do, and you have essentially superpowers with your PC and your telephone and the applications that are there,” Musk said at the gathering.

By building this association with computers, Musk said that people would have the capacity to keep pace with advances in counterfeit consciousness. As intricate computers create virtual insights, Musk cautioned that people could be rendered unfathomably substandard.

In contrast with computers, Musk said people’s crucial impediment is info/yield. The human yield level is unfathomably moderate —, for example, utilizing two thumbs to sort on a telephone — as indicated by Musk, in contrast with the speed at which people take in data.

“Successfully converging advantageously with advanced insight spins around disposing of the I/O limitation, which would be some kind of direct cortical interface,” Musk said.